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Sometimes... things happen. You leave your guitar in the trunk of a hot car or your cherished instrument takes a dive from its stand and cracks the headstock clean off. Sometimes you're just not satisfied with the sound or playability of your guitar. Not a problem! Everything can be fixed and even the most problematic guitar can be turned into a fantastic player. 

Whatever your needs, we have a solution. 

Basic work like a restring, setup and intonation all the way to extensive vintage guitar restoration. Other common repairs include guitar electronics, acoustic guitar pickup installs, headstock breaks, neck resets, string nut and saddle shaping with an emphasis on high quality fret work.

Pricing is based on $65 an hour bench fee. Something like a setup or pickup swap will typically be about an hour. Something like a neck re-fret or re-finish is very time consuming. 

“Super satisfied with Brian’s service! He is excellent and reliable at what he does and an even more amazing person to work with!” - Elmo Sotelo Larrea 

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