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Have you ever had that mad-dash panic moment on stage when something isn't working? You flip the switch on your amp and... nothing. Just silence. Nine times out of ten it is a cable and not a piece of equipment at all. I spent many years piecing together my pedalboards and rack systems with too long and too short, pre-made cables that often resulted in a big mess and made matters even worse when one failed. Bad or insufficient power causing mystery noises coming from my amplifier. Having your rig built with high quality soldered connections that are made to correct lengths decreases movement and the overall chance that something in your rig may fail. 

Let's plan out your rig! Whether its a rack or a pedalboard we will consider what you want in your signal, how you want it routed, everything in your rigs power requirements and put it all together with high quality cable and soldered connections. Custom sized pedalboards can be made or we can plan around an existing board.     

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