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I started teaching guitar lessons while I was a student in college. Majoring in early childhood education and minoring in music theory I helped five or six guitar students find their voice and last I heard most of them were still playing and learning.


Learning an instrument can be a heavy challenge. While I believe traditional practice and techniques have their place, each student should be taught as an individual so they stay engaged in their learning process. I don't want to just teach my students to learn how to play guitar, I want to help them find out why they want to learn to play the guitar. Whether it be dreams of rock stardom, playing songs around a campfire, or pursing a career as a studio and session musician. I want to help them acquire the tools to advance in those areas and guide them on where it is they want to go with the skills they will learn. 

I recommend half hour lessons ($30) but hour long lessons ($50) are available for more advanced students. 

Brian was the first guitar teacher I ever had, and honestly wish I would have only had him. He was accepting of where I was at with my skill level at the time and patient with me about it, unlike other teachers I had later.

Brian worked with me, and asked me at one point what I wanted to do. Did I want to play other people's songs, or learn how to make my own. That question is one that stuck with me for many years down the line and I wish more teachers cared as much about the trajectory their students wished to pursue instead of clocking in for a paycheck. - Randall Korf

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