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Having your own 'signature' guitar is a dream that many of us have had since we first started playing. The perfect instrument that you not only express through but is also an expression of you.

It could be something about a certain body shape or perhaps a very specific color or image that you hold dear. Whatever it is, it 

means something to you and that is special and important to me.


lot of details go into crafting one's perfect guitar and I would like to be there to help you figure them out. From the tone-woods to the hardware we'll go over all the possibilities and answer any questions you may have to ensure that your tone-zone journey ends with you having that perfect instrument you've always dreamed of. 


“I’ve had the pleasure of commissioning Brian to work on numerous instruments of mine over the years. The great thing Brian offers that sets him apart from most guitar repairmen is not only do you leave with what feels like a brand new piece of gear, but you leave with knowledge about musical instruments that you’ll use for your future in music. He’s built me one of the most unique guitars in my arsenal and took me along for every step of the building process. Not only was he building a guitar, but he was building my confidence at the same time. Brian is my “go-to” for any repairs.” - Anthony "Tron" Laur

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