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I first started playing guitar when I was eight years old with an acoustic guitar my parents ordered from the J.C. Pennys catalog. The only lessons we could find in our area were a weekly group course through our community schools program. I was taught the basic open chords everyone learns when they first start out on guitar but the course only lasted three months... I took it three times but hung up the guitar for a skateboard after being taught "Michael Rode The Boat Ashore" for the third time.


It wasn't until six years later that I attended my first local concert and realized I needed an electric guitar. Borrowing a guitar and amp from my friend's older brother, I sat in my room for hours upon hours learning all that I could on my own. I checked out every book I could find on guitar from the local library and went on a deep dive into music theory, guitar construction and the history of the guitar. I finally got an electric guitar of my own and started modifying it as well as my friend's guitars. Thankfully my father was around to explain electronics and general woodworking techniques. After high school I was able to obtain a retail job in a local music store and grow my knowledge even further from the music instructors and instrument repair man on staff. I went on to work at various music stores around Washington as a repair tech. In college, I studied early childhood education and music theory while I took on a number of guitar students to help pay for books. 

After college I put all of my efforts into writing, recording and touring with original bands in hopes of one day "making it". A lot of notable successes through the years but all good things must come to an end and I sought out a more sustainable career. I was fortunate enough to obtain a position with a large guitar manufacturer where my knowledge base and skills continued to grow. Six more years of extensive research went into learning everything I could about the guitar from construction methods and repairs to how lumber is milled and processed for the best quality tone-woods. In 2020 it was decided that it was time to move on and I create my own company so that I could work more directly with people one-on-one and share all that I have learned with others. Working from home has been a dream of mine since my sons were born and I look forward to being able to spend as much time with them while I bring life back into your guitars. 

Brian Roossien 

Owner & Operator of Rain City Guitar Works 

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